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Refrigerated Water Bath

Safety Feature: Thermostat based safety device

Lab Constand temp. (WB)

Power: Power input to be 220-230 Volts AC, 50/60 Hz fitted with Indian plug.



Serological (WB)

Serological Water Bath


We hold expertise in manufacturing and supplying and exporting a superior quality range of water baths. M.K. Scientific Instruments water baths are heated chambers used for many industrial areas applications environmental applications, academic facilities, clinical laboratories, food technology, government research laboratories and waste water facilities etc. by M.K. Scientific Instruments are known as exceptional Water baths specially designed for testing applications.


  • Double walled
  • Inner Body: Inner chamber made of Stainless steel.
  • Outer Body: outer chamber develop using high grade mild steel with powder coated finish. This coating keeps safe the unit from rust and normal scratches.
  • Insulation between inner & outer wall with mineral wool/ glass wool thick to avoid any heat loss.
  • Comes with glass mercury thermometer based temperature display provision
  • Temperature Range: Temperature ranges from few degrees above ambient temperature to 97°C ±2°C.
  • Temperature Controller: The Temperature is totally microprocessor based P.I.D., /Thermostat or Digital Temperature Controller cum Indicator controlled for accurate temperature rating.
  • It is Suitable for holding 2, 4, 6, 8 racks
  • Power: Power input to be 220-230 Volts AC, 50/60 Hz fitted with Indian plug.
  • Safety Feature: Thermostat based safety device.
  • Perforated cover of stainless steel based diffuser shelf finish
  • Shelves: Stainless steel perforated/wire road shelves adjustable and sliding.
  • Heater : Tubular U type air heater

OPTIONAL: Stirring Available with or without Stirring Arrangement with the Help of FHP Stirrer



MKSI -124

MKSI- 124-A

MKSI- 124-B

MKSI- 124-C

Internal Sizes
 ( L X W X D  In MM)

300 x 250 x 175

330 x 300 x 175

455  x 300 x 175

605 x 300 x 175

External Sizes
( L X W X D  In MM)

430 x 355 x 430

455 x 405 x 430

584 x 405 x 430

736 x 405 x 430

Suitable for Rack

2 Racks

4 Racks

6 Racks

8 Racks

Capacity  In Liters

14 L

18 L

25 L

32 L


mineral wool / glass wool

Temperature Range

Ambient +5°C to 97°C. ±2°C.

Power Supply

220-230 Volts AC, 50/60 Hz Single Phase

Rest available in all size depends upon customer requirement.
Models with Exterior & Interior stainless steel (304) will be available on request.