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Incubator Shaker

Outer Chamber is powder coated mild steel with anti - rusting paint having Front door with a glass window.

Laboratory Incubator

Ventilator: Placed on the middle of both side.



Orbital Shaker Incubator

Orbital Shaker Incubator


Orbital Incubators Shaker are design for continues shaking for solution in Erynmeyer flask from 100 ml to 1000 ml at a constant set temperature range ambient + to 70 deg.C the outer body made mild steel, Inner chamber and shaking tray are made of SS 304G with fine finish. Plate- form is fitted with lotus clamps of nylon clamps. The motion of plate - form is by means of heavy duty DC motor with continues variable speed regulator , range 50 to 250 rpm.
. Size 9 Flasks 250-500 ml
. Size 16 Flasks 250-500 ml
. Size 25 Flasks 250-500 ml

Rest available in all size depends upon customer requirement.
Models with Exterior & Interior stainless steel (304) will be available on request.