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Dry Bath Incubator

Block Capacity: 1.5ml x 8 Tubes, 2.0ml x 8 Tubes, 0.5ml x 8 Tubes.

Cooling Incubator

Temperature Range: 5°C to 60°C with temperature accuracy of ±0.5°C






We are manufacturer & supplier of various types of incubators. Incubators are one of most important lab equipment in many research centers, hospitals and other pharmaceutical labs, Clinical, Environmental, Biotechnology, Medical, Petroleum, and Industrial Applications incubators by M.K. Scientific Instruments are known as exceptional lab incubators specially designed for a variety of incubation and testing applications. The series of incubators is perfect for testing and other related jobs of research. By M.K. Scientific Instruments as an experienced Incubator, BOD Incubator, Bacteriological Incubators, Cooling Incubator, Dry Bath Incubator, Incubator Shaker, Laboratory Incubators, Orbital Shaking Incubator manufacture in INDIA. These incubators come in various sizes and capacities such from 28 liters to 450 liters.


  • Double walled
  • Inner Body: Inner chamber made of Stainless steel.
  • Outer Body: outer chamber develop using high grade mild steel with powder coated finish. This coating keeps safe the unit from rust and normal scratches.
  • Insulation between inner & outer wall with glass wool/ mineral wool thick to avoid any heat loss.
  • Temperature Range: Few degrees above ambient 70°C with temperature accuracy of ±1°C.
  • Temperature Controller: The Temperature is totally microprocessor based P.I.D. or Digital Temperature Controller cum Indicator controlled for accurate temperature rating.
  • Ventilator: Placed on the middle of both side.
  • Air Circulation: Forced convection system through use of blowers & motors that provides for superior mixing as well as strong dispersion.
  • Power: Power input to be 220-230 Volts AC, 50/60 Hz fitted with Indian plug.
  • Safety Feature: Thermostat based safety device
  • Shelves: Stainless steel perforated/wire road shelves adjustable and sliding.
  • Door: Door with synthetic rubber gasket & Door has a glass viewer window.
  • Heater : Tubular U type air heater


    MKSI -108

    MKSI- 108-A

    MKSI- 108-B

    MKSI- 108-C

    MKSI- 108-D

    MKSI- 108-E

    MKSI- 108-F

    Internal Sizes
     ( W X D X H  In MM)

    300 x 300 x300

    355 x 355 x355

    455  x455 x 455

    455 x 455x 605

    605 x 605 x 605

    605 x 455 x 910

    605 x 605 x 910

    External Sizes
     ( W X D X H  In MM)

    480 x 508 x 610

    533 x 558 x 660

    635 x 660 x 760

    635 x 660 x 914

    788 x 914 x 915

    788 x 660 x 1218

    788 x 812 x 1218

    Capacity  In Liters

    28 L

    45 L

    95 L

    125 L

    224 L

    252 L

    336 L

    Nos. of Shelve / Tray









    glass wool/ mineral wool (70 to 100 mm)

    Temperature Range

    Few degrees above ambient 70°C


    ±1° C


    ±2 °C

    Air Circulation

    blowers & motors

    Power Supply

    220-230 Volts AC, 50/60 Hz Single Phase


    GMP models

    With inner chamber & outer body complete made of Stainless Steel

    Temperature Recorder

    By Weekly temperature recorder

    Temperature Alarm

    For High and Low Temperature Variations

    Printing Facility

    By Built in Mini Printer to record temperature.

    SMS Alert

    Alert on Mobile in case of any deviation

    HMI with PLC

    Full touch programmable function for controlling High temperature , low temperature , low battery , open the door , blocking filters , system failure.

    Data Logger

    RS-485/RS232 communication ports, cables, window based software with inbuilt data recording.

    Graphic LCD

    Jumbo LCD with Programmable function

    Communication Port

    Communication Port with interface and data cable to download data to your PC.

    Regulated Voltage

    By Voltage stabilizer

    Rest available in all size depends upon customer requirement.
    Models with Exterior & Interior stainless steel (304) will be available on request.