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Cooling Incubator

These units are come with easy to view LED/LCD display, door lock interior lamp

Bacteriological Incubator

The doors of these incubators are available in Glass or solid doors.



Bod Incubator

Bod Incubator


B.O.D. incubators often called low temperature incubators are one of most important lab equipment in many research centers, hospitals and other pharmaceutical labs. BOD incubators by M.K. Scientific Instruments are known as exceptional lab incubators specially designed for a variety of incubation and testing applications. The series of BOD incubator is perfect for BOD testing and other related jobs of research. Designed to meet customized requirements of different customers, M.K. Scientific Instruments as an experienced BOD Incubator manufacture in INDIA, The Biochemical Oxygen Demand incubator comes in various sizes and capacities.

CONSTRUCTION: BOD incubators by M.K. Scientific Instruments are come with durable and rugged design for delivering excellent quality performance. These units are made with double walled construction and are fully insulated with polyurethane foam to reduce running costs. The exterior chamber is made of high grade mild steel with powder coated finish. This coating keeps safe the unit from rust and normal scratches. The internal chamber is made of high grade corrosion resistant stainless steel. Cabinet is mounted on castors for easy movement from one place to another.

Shelves:Each Biochemical Oxygen Demand incubator is delivered with number of shelves to keep the object in the units. The number of these shelves may vary model to model or size of the unit. Generally 2 to 4 shelves are provided with these units as per size and capacity. These shelves are made of aluminum sheets of stainless steel with polished layer.

COOLING: Cooling quality is one of important factors that need to be checked before choosing any BOD incubator for effective cooling, M. K. Scientific Instruments CFC free refrigerant.

Doors: The doors of these BOD incubators are available in Glass or solid doors. If you are looking for customized incubator you may ask your choice of doors. Furthermore glass door is more comfortable to use for easy viewing of object inside to be researched.

TEMPERATURE RANGE: These BOD incubators by M.K. Scientific Instruments are come in temperature ranges from 5°C to 60°C with temperature accuracy of +/- 0.5°C and temperature uniformity of +/- 1°C. The Controller is totally electronic controlled with Digital display for accurate temperature rating.

SAFETY: To provide proper safety at work place and to enjoy safe use, these units are equipped with various safeties protection devices such as over current protections, leakage breaker and temper controls.

OTHER FEATURES: These units are come with easy to view LED/LCD display, door lock interior lamp, and Tubular air heater with fins heating system and run with 220-230 Volts power supply.



MKSI -109

MKSI -109-A

MKSI -109-B

MKSI -109-C

MKSI -109-D

Size In Cu.Ft






Internal Sizes
 ( W X D X H  In MM)

455 X 410 X610

505 X 415 X 830

570 X 550 X 875

650 X 580 X 900

700 X 640 X 900

Capacity  in Liters

112 L

171 L

280 L

336 L

420 L

Nos. of Shelve / Tray





3 to 6

Insulation  (PUF)

70 To 100 MM

Temperature Range

5°C To 60°C.




Hermetically Sealed Air Cooling Compressor

Air Circulation

Forced Convection System

Power Supply

220-230 Volts, 50 Hz Single Phase


GMP models

With inner chamber & outer body complete made of Stainless Steel

Temperature Recorder

By Weekly temperature recorder

Temperature Alarm

For High and Low Temperature Variations

Printing Facility

By Built in Mini Printer to record temperature.

SMS Alert

Alert on Mobile in case of any deviation

HMI with PLC

Full touch programmable function for controlling High temperature , low temperature , low battery , open the door , blocking filters , system failure.

Data Logger

RS-485/RS232 communication ports, cables, window based software with inbuilt data recording.

Graphic LCD

Jumbo LCD with Programmable function

Communication Port

Communication Port with interface and data cable to download data to your PC.

Regulated Voltage

By Voltage stabilizer

Rest available in all size depends upon customer requirement.
Models with Exterior & Interior stainless steel (304) will be available on request.